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Fight leads to arrests for vandalism and hurting an officer

Two teenagers at Lincoln High School in southern California were recently arrested for their alleged involvements in a fight during their lunch break. One of the teens was charged with vandalism, while the other has been charged with hurting a police officer. The injured officer and at least five students were taken to the hospital as a result of this event.

The students that witnessed or took part in the brawl claim that they were play fighting. The school policeman believed something more was happening and stepped in to stop the fight but was hurt in the process. The officer called for assistance and was joined by other members of law enforcement who used a taser and pepper spray to break up the fight.

Only one teenager was subdued by the use of the stun gun. This individual was transported to the hospital with unknown injuries. According to a video that accompanied the news report, the campus officer was taken to a medical facility with a concussion. Four of the teenagers hit with pepper spray were also taken for medical treatment and later released. Several other students who were supposedly not involved in the fight were also sprayed.

No other details about this event have been released to the public. While the details of this incident are still being ironed out, the charges of vandalism and hurting an officer can be rather serious. Those accused of these crimes could face some rather significant penalties if convicted in a California juvenile court. Each of the accused has the right to employ a criminal defense attorney to help fight his or her case. With assistance, achieving an outcome that best benefits each of their current circumstances may be a possibility.

Source:, "Two students detained, 5 sent to hospitals after Lincoln High School brawl", Heather Hope, Feb. 26, 2016

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