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Drug possession arrests made at recent DUI checkpoint

DUI checkpoints are regularly scheduled in southern California and throughout the state. While the purpose of these checkpoints is good, there are numerous individuals who may feel that they are being unfairly picked out of the crowd. Recently, two people were arrested for drug possession after going through one of these checkpoints. Numerous others were given citations.

In the early morning hours of Feb. 20, the Chula Vista Police set up a DUI/driver license checkpoint in Otay Ranch. This was a six hour operation. During that time, nearly 2,000 vehicles went through the checkpoint. Of those vehicles, 1,150 were stopped for screening.

While there were quite a few cars stopped, only 10 drivers were asked to complete field sobriety tests and only one was put through a drug evaluation. A total of 57 people were given citations for various offenses, including unlicensed driving and driving on a suspended license. It is believed that only two arrests were made, and those were the two made for drug possession.

At this time, authorities have not released any further information about the drug possession arrests. The individuals who are accused of this do have the right to fight the charges in a California criminal court. A defense attorney may be able to help by reviewing the facts of their cases, including gaining access to police reports which could assist in determining if authorities at the checkpoint violated any protocols in making the arrests. By taking the time to carefully investigate the circumstances surrounding these arrests, information may be found that could assist the accused individuals in fighting their cases in court.

Source:, "2 Arrested for Possessing Drugs at Chula Vista Checkpoint", Cassia Pollock, Feb. 20, 2016

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