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Suspected members of drug crime and gambling ring arrested

According to authorities, 19 individuals in several cities in California and across the country were recently arrested for their alleged involvements in a drug and gambling ring. The drug crime charges in this case include trafficking and possession, and other charges filed include illegal gambling and various other violent crimes. These cases are to be handled at a federal level, meaning the potential penalties if convictions are achieved can be extremely severe.

Investigators believe that this group of individuals was being led by a former student/athlete of the University of Southern California. The alleged leader and 18 co-defendants were taken into police custody at the end of January. Six of the accused are charged with racketeering and narcotics trafficking. The other 13 individuals are accused of being bookies and/or drug runners. In all, 22 people have been charged for their involvement with this organization.

The ages of those allegedly involved range from 30 to 69. All of the accused individuals are males. Authorities are still looking for at least one more person thought to be a part of this group. At this time, it is unknown if any court dates have been scheduled for any of those accused.

California residents who are facing federal charges can seek out legal representation with experience in such cases -- as they are handled a bit differently. For these individuals, drug crime and illegal gambling charges could result in lengthy prison terms and the payment of hefty fines if prosecuting attorneys are able to secure convictions. While each of the accused will be facing uphill battles in fighting the charges at hand, they do retain the right to fight the charges or seek legal resolutions that will benefit their individual circumstances. With the assistance of counsel, the details of one's specific case can be investigated and the best course of action pursued.

Source:, "19 arrested in connection with drug, gambling ring", Jan. 27, 2016

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