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Criminal defense against fraud charges

If you have been charged with fraud in California, you could face a number of serious consequences if prosecuting attorneys are able to secure a conviction in court. White collar crimes of this nature are not taken lightly, as numerous individuals are usually affected by such acts. If accused of fraud, you do have the right to defend yourself with the assistance of legal counsel.

Acts of fraud are generally financial in nature. As one accused of fraud is believed to have received some sort of monetary gain from the alleged actions, a fraud conviction could result in the forfeiture of personal assets on top of being sentenced to prison and/or having to pay fines. This can be economically devastating, as well as personally and professionally damaging.

There are various forms of fraud. Some of the most commonly seen include workers' compensation fraud, insurance fraud, identity theft, forgery and banking fraud. Any of these could result in cases being heard in state or federal court. To learn more about each of these types of fraud in detail, please visit our firm's website for more information.

Having strong representation matters when fighting accusations of fraud in a California criminal court or federal court, as everything one has is one the line. Your legal counsel will be able to thoroughly review the facts of your case and any  evidence to be offered at trial by prosecutors, looking for errors or any other information may be beneficial to you in court. No one has to fight fraud charges alone. With assistance you can fight for the best possible outcome for the situation at hand.

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