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California man arrested on assault with a deadly weapon charge

On the afternoon of Sunday, Feb. 7, police arrested a man that they say broke into a family home and held the occupants at knife point and then holed himself up in one of the bedrooms. He is facing a charge of suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. Violent crimes are not taken lightly in California. As such, this individual will likely rely upon the services offered by an experienced defense attorney in order to help fight his case in court.

According to a local news report, the accused -- a 30-year-old male -- allegedly entered a home in Carlsbad, took a butcher knife from the kitchen and threatened the family. The family is said to have locked themselves in the master bedroom in order to get away from the man. Police were contacted and were able to get the accused to leave the home. No one was hurt in the incident.

Investigators claim to have found a knife in the room that the accused was last in before leaving the home. After the accused was taken into police custody he was booked into Vista jail. He is charged with brandishing a weapon, assault, burglary and resisting arrest -- among various other charges.

The charges of assault with a deadly weapon and the many others filed in this case are quite severe. The accused, if convicted in a California criminal court, could face a number of life-changing consequences. While this situation may seem bleak, with little hope for a good outcome, the accused may actually have a variety of defense options that could greatly help his case. An experienced criminal defense attorney can review the charges, investigate and question any proposed prosecution evidence and help this individual choose the best legal course of action for his circumstances.

Source:, "Intruder with knife arrested in Carlsbad", Karen Kucher, Feb. 7, 2016

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