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California man accused of employee theft

A California man who has been a long time employee of San Diego City College is behind bars for allegedly stealing school equipment. He is facing charges of suspicion of employee theft. Bail has been set in his case.

According to a recent report, a 62-year-old male was arrested by police in San Diego for allegedly stealing several digital video cameras from the school's Radio, Television and Film Department during the school's winter break. The accused has been a radio and TV broadcast engineer for the college for approximately 38 years. The value of the equipment he allegedly took is believed to be just over $13,000. Authorities say that the cameras were found in area pawn shops.

The accused was taken into custody on Feb. 10. His bail has been set at $25,000. As of the latest report, the accused was still being detained by authorities while he awaits his first court appearance.

Employee theft is a serious matter; one that will not be taken lightly in a California criminal court. The accused in this case is charged with taking a significant sum from his employer and, as such, could face severe penalties if he is convicted. Fighting the accusations in this case is not likely to be easy, but an experienced criminal defense attorney may be able to assist the accused in finding a defense strategy that will best benefit his situation. This can be done after reviewing the facts of the case and questioning any evidence offered. With all of the information gathered, the accused -- alongside counsel -- can fight for a dismissal of charges or seek a charge reduction and/or alternative sentencing by pursuing a plea agreement.

Source:, "City College engineer suspected in camera thefts", Pauline Repard, Feb. 12, 2016

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