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February 2016 Archives

Things to know about theft

The word theft typically means to take another person's property without permission. It seems pretty simple and straightforward. However, in legal terms, theft actually encompasses various categories and degrees of crime. Those in California who have been accused of theft could face a number of serious consequences, depending on the specifications of their alleged crimes.

California woman facing felony DUI and other charges after crash

A California woman was arrested following an auto-pedestrian crash in the San Diego area. The accused claims to have fallen asleep behind the wheel, leading to the accident; however, authorities believed she was driving while impaired. She has been charged with felony DUI and other charges for this incident.

Criminal defense against fraud charges

If you have been charged with fraud in California, you could face a number of serious consequences if prosecuting attorneys are able to secure a conviction in court. White collar crimes of this nature are not taken lightly, as numerous individuals are usually affected by such acts. If accused of fraud, you do have the right to defend yourself with the assistance of legal counsel.

California man arrested on assault with a deadly weapon charge

On the afternoon of Sunday, Feb. 7, police arrested a man that they say broke into a family home and held the occupants at knife point and then holed himself up in one of the bedrooms. He is facing a charge of suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. Violent crimes are not taken lightly in California. As such, this individual will likely rely upon the services offered by an experienced defense attorney in order to help fight his case in court.

Teen headed to juvenile court for alleged involvement in fire

A southern California teenager was recently arrested for his alleged involvement in a fire at an airport. He was transported to a juvenile detention center shortly after his arrest. It is unknown if a date has been set for his case to be heard in juvenile court.

Suspected members of drug crime and gambling ring arrested

According to authorities, 19 individuals in several cities in California and across the country were recently arrested for their alleged involvements in a drug and gambling ring. The drug crime charges in this case include trafficking and possession, and other charges filed include illegal gambling and various other violent crimes. These cases are to be handled at a federal level, meaning the potential penalties if convictions are achieved can be extremely severe.

California man arrested for alleged hit-and-run DUI accident

Police in California recently arrested the man they believe was responsible for a hit-and-run accident that left two people injured. The accused is facing numerous charges for the incident, including DUI. The accident supposedly occurred while the suspect was fleeing from officers at a high rate of speed.

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