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Rodger Bumpass arrested, suspected of DUI

Actor Rodger Bumpass, known for his work as the voice of Squidward in the show "SpongeBob SquarePants," was recently arrested in California. He has been accused of driving while impaired. Being convicted of DUI can have a great affect on one's life. As such is the case, seeking the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney is typically the first order of business after an arrest.

At around midnight on Jan. 15, Mr. Bumpass was allegedly found by police, standing in the middle of a street outside of his parked vehicle. Authorities claim that he admitted to having been driving his car recently. Believing that he was under the influence, police arrested Mr. Bumpass and transported him to a holding facility in the Burbank area.

Bail was set in this case at $15,000. Mr. Bumpass was held overnight until he could post bail the next morning. At this time, it is unknown if a court date has been scheduled regarding this matter.

The details surrounding this arrest are very limited. Authorities failed to report what type of substance Rodger Bumpass is accused of utilizing before operating his vehicle. It was also not reported what sobriety tests, if any, were used to determine his alleged impairment. With legal assistance, the accused may be able to fight the charges filed against him or seek a plea agreement in return for lighter sentencing. As with any DUI case in California or elsewhere, a criminal defense attorney can assist the client in determining the best course of action for his circumstances.

Source: People, "SpongeBob SquarePants Actor Rodger Bumpass Arrested for Alleged DUI", Aaron Couch, Jan. 19, 2016

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