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2 individuals wanted in burglary and identity theft case

Authorities in San Diego are looking for two individuals who are wanted for a number of criminal activities. According to a recent report, a male and a female are accused of commercial burglary and identity theft. If they are eventually arrested for these alleged crimes, they may face serious penalties -- if convicted.

Investigators are looking for whom they believe to be a Caucasian female, approximately aged 25 to 30, and an Asian male, believed to be 25 years old. These individuals are accused of breaking into a car and stealing the owner's credit card. This credit card was then supposedly used at a local Walmart; however, the card was declined.

Descriptions of the accused individuals were released to the public based on security footage from the store. Surveillance footage also captured a picture of the vehicle the accused used to leave to premises. Police are asking anyone who may have information about this incident to please come forward.

Identity theft and burglary charges carry stiff penalties in California. San Diego residents who find themselves accused of such crimes have the right to seek the help of attorneys who will be able to assist them with the specifics of their cases. Fighting such charges can be difficult, but the burden of proof is on the prosecuting attorneys. If there is a failure to supply sufficient proof of involvement in a crime, associated charges will be dropped and the case dismissed. On the other hand, if necessary, plea agreements may be sought in an effort to reduce any consequences associated with a conviction.

Source:, "San Diego Crime Stoppers search for Solana Beach burglary suspects", Jan. 14, 2016

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