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In 2016, new weapon and DUI laws to begin

It is a brand new year which means new laws are in order for California. Several laws were passed in 2015, and they are set to be put into action starting Jan. 1. Some of these laws will affect weapons owners and others have been put in place to combat DUI offenses.

For those who own firearms, law AB 1014 will allow authorities to remove such weapons from those owners who are believed to be threats to public safety. This law was passed after a mass shooting at a college campus. With this new law in place, police officers will be allowed to confiscate weapons, temporarily, even if criminal charges have not been filed.

In certain counties, those convicted of DUI offenses may be ordered to place Ignition Interlock Devices in their vehicles. This is fairly new to some places in California. SB 61 granted a one-year extension on a pilot program that would require offenders to install these devices. Once installed, a driver will have to use the device to start his or her vehicle. If it detects alcohol the car will not start.

These new laws may make some feel like their rights are being violated, which very well may be the case. With legal assistance, those accused of weapons or DUI crimes may fight any accusations of any wrongdoing in an effort to clear or reduce charges. While such cases are certainly difficult to navigate, as weapons and drunk driving offenses are not taken lightly in California criminal court, with help those accused of such crimes can push to achieve outcomes that best benefit their future interests.

Source:, "These are some of California's new laws starting in 2016", Kevin Smith, Dec. 30, 2015

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