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Hundreds stopped at a recent DUI checkpoint

DUI checkpoints are common in California and elsewhere, especially this time of year. Authorities simply expect more impaired drivers on the roads due to holiday parties. At a recent checkpoint in San Diego, hundreds of cars were stopped, a couple of arrests were made for DUI and several citations were handed out for various other offenses.

On Dec. 13, the San Diego Sheriff's Department conducted a DUI checkpoint on Sycamore Avenue's 900 block. They were searching for any signs of impairment and for valid driver's licenses. In total, 653 cars funneled through this checkpoint. Of all of the drivers seen, two were ultimately arrested for DUI-related crimes. One individual is accused of driving while impaired, and the other person is accused of drug possession.

Along with the two drivers who were arrested, 12 others were cited for issues with their driver's licenses. Three individuals were reportedly driving on suspended licences. Nine people apparently did not have licenses.

Those who were arrested for DUI at this latest checkpoint could face fines, jail time, loss of driving privileges and various other penalties if they are convicted. It is possible to fight such charges in a California criminal court with the assistance of an experienced defense attorney. While checkpoints serve a valuable purpose, at the end of the day, drivers are likely left with a lot of questions regarding the accuracy of any sobriety tests performed or if any of their rights were violated during the process. It is possible to question the actions taken by officers at these checkpoints, which may bring to light information that could help the accused fight his or her case in court.

Source:, "Two arrested at Vista DUI checkpoint", Dec. 13, 2015

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