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Facing a weapons charge? Legal help is available

Weapons crimes are not taken lightly in California. In fact, the potential penalties that can accompany a weapons charge can be quite severe -- often including fines and jail or prison time. Such charges can have a profound impact on one's personal and professional life. As such, one who stands accused of a weapon-related crime may want to seek assistance from an experienced criminal defense attorney in order to help fight the case.

Weapons crimes come in numerous forms. For example, these often include possession of stolen weapons, felon in possession, illegal sale, carrying without permit and negligent discharge -- among others. Unfortunately, many responsible gun owners may find themselves facing criminal charges due to overwhelming circumstances.

When faced with weapons charges, those accused may feel they have little say in their cases and their futures. It is easy to feel as if one's rights are being violated by a prosecutor's need for a conviction. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help protect the rights of those who are accused of weapons crimes. To learn how an attorney can help with state and federal cases, please visit our firm's website.

A weapons charge does not have to feel like the end of the world. By seeking assistance as soon as possible, a criminal defense attorney can investigate your case and prepare a defense that will best suit your personal circumstances. Even though California has strict laws regarding weapons crimes, with the right help, minimizing penalties or seeking case dismissals may be possible.

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