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California drug crime: Detective facing multiple charges

A California detective for the Bakersfield Police Department is facing a number of serious criminal charges. He is accused of taking part in various illegal activities, including a drug crime. He is facing federal charges and could face up to life in prison if convicted.

It was recently reported that a man who is a 17-year veteran with the Bakersfield Police Department was arrested and charged for his alleged involvement in drug trafficking, accepting bribes and filing a false tax return. A 16-count indictment alleges that this individual assisted a drug dealer and accepted a significant sum of money for his services. He also, allegedly, took drugs that were supposed to be stored as evidence.

The accused was taken into custody on Nov. 20, after having been on administrative leave since February. Multiple agencies are said to have taken part in investigating this matter, which began earlier this year. Court dates regarding this case are unknown. The accused is still on paid leave from the police department.

The consequences for the drug crime and the other crimes that are alleged against this detective could drastically alter the course of his life. As such, securing a criminal defense attorney in California with experience handling federal cases may prove to be in his best interests. While this situation may not be one that is easy to tackle, the accused, alongside counsel, will be able to make legal decisions that will best benefit his circumstances. This can be achieved by investigating the matter, questioning any evidence and reviewing records looking for any errors. If needed, it may also be possible to negotiate with the prosecuting attorney to pursue a plea agreement.

Source:, "'McFarland USA' runner, now a Bakersfield cop, is arrested", Marcus Livingston, Nov. 21, 2015

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