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Lyft driver accused of sex crimes against client

A California woman recently filed civil claims against Lyft after one of its drivers allegedly attempted to sexually assault her at her home. A criminal investigation has also been opened against the individual supposedly responsible for the incident. As with all sex crimes cases, this will require a significant amount of care to ensure the rights of all involved are protected.

The victim claims that while utilizing Lyft services in September, she became sick and vomited in the car. The ride-share company charges an extra cleaning fee which is reduced if paid in cash. The victim says that she entered her home in order to retrieve the money, and that her driver followed her into her house and requested sexual favors in lieu of payment. The victim claims to have fought off the man and then reported the incident to police.

At this time, the driver believed responsible for this incident has not been arrested. The criminal investigation is ongoing. If arrested, though, he could potentially face significant penalties, as sex crimes are not taken lightly in California.

Sex crimes allegations of any sort can be complicated cases. Both the accused and the victim deserve to be heard. In this particular case, the accused has already lost his job and stands to lose quite a bit more if charges are filed. As such, this individual has the right to retain counsel to assist in his case. If this goes to California criminal court, the accused will have the ability to fight the accusations against him and work alongside counsel in order to achieve the best outcome possible for the situation.

Source:, "Lawsuit: Lyft driver groped passenger", Morgan Cook, Oct. 30, 2015

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