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California criminal defense: Accused of assisting in a crime

Criminal activity occurs on a daily basis in California and across the country. This means that law enforcement officers are constantly on the lookout for those involved in such activities. This has resulted in numerous people being accused of committing or assisting in crimes. When this happens, a strategic criminal defense may provide the accused with various legal options that may assist him or her in achieving the best outcome possible for the situation at hand.

Those who are accused of taking part in crimes, even if they did not commit such acts themselves, can still face a number of serious legal consequences. Depending on what one is accused of, he or she may be charged as an accomplice. This can result in this person receiving the same level of punishment as the individual actually convicted of committing the crime.

In order to be convicted as a criminal accomplice, prosecuting attorneys will have to provide sufficient evidence that the accused was involved in or knew about the crime. This means that a person in this position must have encouraged or helped with the act, or failed to try and prevent it from occurring. In this type of case, one's mental state is generally considered. A person accused of being complicit to a crime has to have known what he or she was doing.

Cases involving accomplice liability can be difficult to tackle. Fortunately, those in California who are facing such accusations do have the right to a criminal defense. With the assistance of counsel, it will be possible to investigate any criminal accusations, question evidence -- if any -- and fight to dismiss or reduce charges.

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