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November 2015 Archives

What kinds of hearings take place in juvenile court?

When a minor is accused of some sort of delinquency in California, he or she may be sent to juvenile court. Of course, the nature of an incident will largely determine if a case is heard in the juvenile system or the adult criminal system. Cases that are handled in juvenile court do go through many of the same motions as criminal court, but the end results will focus on rehabilitation rather than punishment.

2 men enter not guilty plea in robbery case

Police in California recently arrested two young men whom they believe are responsible for a robbery that took place in the San Diego area near the beginning of November. The men have both charged with robbery and identity theft for the incident. Both individuals have decided to plea not guilty.

Driver charged with DUI after crash

San Diego police have arrested the person believed responsible for a car crash that resulted in several people being seriously injured. Police expressed a belief the driver was intoxicated at the time of the crash. As such, in accordance with the laws of California, this individual was taken into custody on suspicion of DUI.

Police in California arrest 2 on burglary charges

Police in southern California have arrested two men they believe are responsible for burglaries in several cities. With the assistance of U.S. Marshals, these two individuals were taken into custody on Nov. 5. Both are likely facing burglary and other charges.

California criminal defense: Accused of assisting in a crime

Criminal activity occurs on a daily basis in California and across the country. This means that law enforcement officers are constantly on the lookout for those involved in such activities. This has resulted in numerous people being accused of committing or assisting in crimes. When this happens, a strategic criminal defense may provide the accused with various legal options that may assist him or her in achieving the best outcome possible for the situation at hand.

California juvenile crimes: Student may face criminal charges

A high school student in California may face criminal charges for an online posting. His remarks, which are being viewed as a hate crime, were supposedly posted on a school computer, prompting a student walkout. This is a matter that is being taken seriously by investigators, but as with all juvenile crimes, this is something that law enforcement authorities will need to decide whether charges will be officially filed.

Accused of insurance fraud? Help is available

Plenty of California residents depend on their insurance providers to actually be there when needed. In most situations that is what happens. Unfortunately, there are those who are accused of insurance fraud when providers believe that policy holders purposely damaged their own property or have made false claims in order to receive payments.

Lyft driver accused of sex crimes against client

A California woman recently filed civil claims against Lyft after one of its drivers allegedly attempted to sexually assault her at her home. A criminal investigation has also been opened against the individual supposedly responsible for the incident. As with all sex crimes cases, this will require a significant amount of care to ensure the rights of all involved are protected.

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