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California weapons charge: Authorities investigating stabbings

Police in southern California are currently investigating two separate stabbing incidents. As it currently stands, one person who was allegedly involved in one of the stabbings has been arrested and is likely facing various charges, possibly including a weapons charge. Authorities have not arrested the individual believed responsible for the other incident.

According to police, the first stabbing occurred the evening of Oct. 14. A 37-year-old man was supposedly stabbed with a pair of gardening shears by a man in his early 50s. The victim suffered injuries to his leg and forearm. The individual accused of harming the victim has not been taken into police custody.

The second incident occurred the evening of Oct. 15, in East Village. A 33-year-old woman allegedly stabbed a 23-year-old female while they were supposedly fighting about a puppy. The victim was supposedly stabbed two times, but neither wound is believed to be life-threatening. The accused was arrested shortly after the attack.

The investigations into both of these alleged attacks is still ongoing. Authorities have not indicated if or when they will make an arrest regarding the first incident. At this time, the exact charges filed and/or pending against the accused have not been reported; however, it is not unreasonable to believe that a weapons charge may be filed against either of these individuals. This type of charge can carry significant penalties in California, should a conviction be obtained. Each of the accused will have the ability to seek a criminal defense attorney who will work diligently on behalf of the client, keeping his or her best interests at heart and looking for solutions that will best benefit the current circumstances.

Source:, "San Diego Police Probing 2 Area Stabbings", Debbie L. Sklar, Oct. 15, 2015

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