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October 2015 Archives

California man charged with vehicle theft and other crimes

A California man was recently arrested and charged for his alleged involvement in various crimes. He is said to have a previous criminal record and, as of the last report, was being held without bail at a detention center. The charges currently filed against him include vehicle theft, reckless driving, possession of a weapon and possession of drugs.

California man facing DUI charges following fatal crash

A young California man was arrested and charged for his alleged involvement in a fatal car crash that occurred earlier in 2015. He has been ordered to stand trial for the incident. The charges against him include DUI and vehicular manslaughter.

California weapons charge: Authorities investigating stabbings

Police in southern California are currently investigating two separate stabbing incidents. As it currently stands, one person who was allegedly involved in one of the stabbings has been arrested and is likely facing various charges, possibly including a weapons charge. Authorities have not arrested the individual believed responsible for the other incident.

Remain courteous and confident during a DUI traffic stop

Anyone in California or elsewhere who has been pulled over by police knows that such situations can be somewhat intimidating and frustrating. As difficult as it may seem, it is important for drivers to remain courteous, calm and confident during traffic stops. This is particularly true for those suspected of DUI.

California woman facing sex crimes charges involving minors

A young mother in California is facing a number of serious criminal charges for her alleged involvement in child pornography and other sex crimes involving minors. Sex crimes of this nature have to be handled delicately in order to protect everyone involved. A strategic criminal defense may provide what is necessary to ensure the best interests of the accused are being considered.

Calfiornia graffiti: What is it and what are the penalties?

Vandalism, particularly graffiti, is a fairly serious concern in California. While those responsible for tagging property may feel it is a form of artistic expression, or just something fun to do, the damage to property can be expensive to repair. As such, there are strict laws regarding graffiti in hopes of deterring such behavior.

Officer arrested in California for alleged insurance fraud

The death of an inmate at a northern California correctional facility prompted several internal investigations to take place. Several deputies have been arrested over the last few months due to various issues. One of these individuals has been accused of committing workers' compensation insurance fraud.

California juvenile court: Teenager charged for fatal accident

A California teenager was booked into the juvenile detention center in Orange County over the first weekend in October. According to police, this individual is believed responsible for causing a crash that killed a total of five people. Even though the accused is underage and his case is likely to be heard in juvenile court, the charges against him are quite severe. If convicted, the potential consequences can have a significant impact on his future.

California man facing vandalism and other charges

Police in California recently arrested a man who is accused of breaking a restaurant's windows and various other offenses. This individual is now facing a felony vandalism charge, as well as charges for assault and for possessing burglary tools. If convicted, the accused could face a number of potential consequences, all of which can have an extremely negative impact on his life.

California drug crime: More than a dozen people arrested

Several individuals have recently been detained by authorities following a massive drug sweep in California. The 20-month drug crime investigation focused primarily on gang-related incidents. Numerous agencies, 13 in all, reportedly took part in this operation. It was said that about 100 officers from federal, state and local agencies pulled together to collect those allegedly involved in the suspected drug crimes.

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