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Labor Day DUI maximum enforcement operation expected to occur

Heading into the Labor Day weekend, authorities will be doing something that most California residents have come to expect around holidays -- enforcement patrols. Highway patrol officers will be out in force looking for drivers who show signs of impairment. Those who are stopped are likely to face DUI-related charges.

Impaired driving is a major public safety concern. Enforcement periods, such as this one, are believed to be helpful in reducing the number of drunk -- or otherwise impaired -- driving accidents. In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, an increased police presence can decrease the number of fatalities that are connected to drunk driving by about 20 percent.

In 2014, the California Highway Patrol arrested over 1,000 individuals who were allegedly driving while intoxicated. Hopefully this year's numbers will be lower. Regardless, those who are arrested for DUI do have the right to fight any accusations of impaired driving.

A California resident who has been arrested as the result of an enforcement weekend may question the validity of the traffic stop and the results of any sobriety tests performed. Doing so will be an important part of a criminal defense, as any procedural errors or false readings can help the accused achieve a dismissal of charges. Those who are facing DUI-related charges are likely to experience several legal challenges. As such, a person placed in this position will likely benefit from the knowledge of an experienced criminal defense attorney. With the assistance of counsel, the accused may be successful in fighting any criminal charges or in seeking sentencing alternatives that may help minimize potential penalties.

Source:, "California Highway Patrol out in force for Labor Day", Chelcey Adami, Salinas, Sept. 1, 2015

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