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California drug crime: Oxycontin usage a problem with juveniles

California, like many other states, struggles with a serious drug problem. As such, a person accused of any sort of drug crime may face a number of potential penalties. This is true regardless of whether the substance allegedly being used or distributed is considered legal or illegal.

While there are many substances that are utilized by juveniles in California, the use of Oxycontin seems to be one of the biggest problems seen by authorities. This specific drug is prescribed as a pain regulator. It is considered extremely powerful and very addictive. It is also easy to obtain, which is why it is often used by teenagers.

The use of Oxycontin can start out innocently and for a specific need, but frequent use can lead to addiction. This is why treatment is so important, rather than punishment. To learn more about this drug and how an attorney can help those who have been accused of distributing, possessing or using it, please visit the Oxycontin page on our firm's website.

Being accused of a drug crime -- such as the illegal use, distribution or possession of Oxycontin -- is not a small thing. If juveniles find themselves in such positions, they, and their parents, may seek the assistance of counsel to help get them through the legal proceedings. In California, juveniles accused of drug crimes may face time in detention centers, fines and/or court ordered rehabilitation treatments. Depending on the age of an alleged offender and the specifics of his or her situation, it is also possible for a case to be moved to criminal court. An experienced defense attorney can help the accused pursue the best possible outcome, regardless of where his or her case is heard.

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