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September 2015 Archives

California criminal defense: Cops looking for hit-and-run driver

Investigators for the San Diego Police Department are looking for the individual responsible for hitting a bicyclist in mid-September. A few details have been released about the make and model of the car that is believed to have been involved, which can help their search. Once found, the person thought accountable for the crash may face a serious legal battle and will likely benefit from a strategic criminal defense offered on his or her behalf.

Can identity theft victims be charged for criminal activities?

Identity theft is a major problem in California and across the country. When one's personal information is compromised, there is no telling how that information may be used. While in most cases this data is utilized for personal financial gain, there are some instances in which this information may be used by those suspected of committing criminal acts. This is called criminal identity theft, and though it does not happen often, it can leave victims fighting to clear their names.

California man facing robbery charges

A California man was recently arrested for his alleged involvement in a number of crimes said to have been carried out over the last month. According to police, this individual is being held on suspicion of robbery and is also facing a drug charge. Such crimes carry significant penalties if a conviction is ultimately obtained by the prosecution.

California drug crime: Oxycontin usage a problem with juveniles

California, like many other states, struggles with a serious drug problem. As such, a person accused of any sort of drug crime may face a number of potential penalties. This is true regardless of whether the substance allegedly being used or distributed is considered legal or illegal.

California man arrested and charged with car theft

A California man is currently being held by authorities on a number of charges. According to a recent report, this individual allegedly stole a car and ran from police. This incident has resulted in charges of car theft and reckless driving. The accused was also wanted on an unrelated robbery charge.

California juvenile crimes: Teenager charged with assault

A teenager was recently booked into juvenile hall in northern California. She is accused of harming a fellow student on school grounds. Juvenile crimes of this nature are not taken lightly, either in court or by the school district. As such, this young woman may benefit from the assistance of a criminal defense attorney in order to ensure her rights are protected throughout the course of her legal proceedings.

Labor Day DUI maximum enforcement operation expected to occur

Heading into the Labor Day weekend, authorities will be doing something that most California residents have come to expect around holidays -- enforcement patrols. Highway patrol officers will be out in force looking for drivers who show signs of impairment. Those who are stopped are likely to face DUI-related charges.

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