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New law will increase penalties for drug manufacturing

Drug crimes are already considered pretty serious offenses in California. Even though lawmakers passed Proposition 47 to help reduce the charges of certain drug crimes to misdemeanors, they also decided, recently, to make things more difficult for those who have been accused of one specific drug-related offense. The change made to state law has increased the potential penalties for those charged with drug manufacturing.

According to officials, over 800 drug labs have reportedly been discovered in areas across the state in the last few years. This has given lawmakers reason to feel concerned about the effects illegal drugs can have on California residents. Specifically, the effects drug manufacturing can have on those who may, unknowingly, live near a home-based lab.

Bill SB212 was signed into law on Aug. 7. This has made drug manufacturing near any structure that may be occupied, such as residences and schools, an aggravated felony. This means that those who have been convicted on felony charges of this level could potentially face longer terms of imprisonment and/or significantly increased fines.

A drug manufacturing charge does not have to feel like the end of the world, even though a person placed in this type of situation may feel otherwise. Everyone is entitled to a criminal defense. While a felony charge does carry significant penalties if a conviction is obtained by prosecuting attorneys, they will have to produce sufficient proof of an individual's alleged involvement. Reviewing and questioning any evidence may bring to light new information that could prove of benefit for the accused.

Source:, "Gov. Brown boosts penalty for CA homemade drug makers", Aug. 7, 2015

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