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California weapons charge: ban on high capacity magazines

A measure will soon be signed in Los Angeles to ban the use and possession of high capacity ammunition magazines. Once signed, the California residents affected by this ban will be given a set amount of time to turn in the banned ammunition to authorities. For law-abiding citizens in the Los Angeles area, this ban, understandably, feels like a violation of their rights. What will happen to a person if he or she is found to still possess these high capacity magazines? Is a criminal weapons charge likely to be filed?

This ban on certain types of ammunition came about due to the desires of city officials to end gun violence. Those who oppose this measure do not believe it will make a difference, though. There are already plans to challenge this issue in court.

As soon as this measure is signed, Los Angeles area residents will be given 60 days to turn over or otherwise destroy ammunition magazines that contain 10 or more rounds. Selling in an attempt to recoup the cost of the ammunition is not a legal option, neither is keeping these magazines in one's private stash. Those found doing either may face a number of potential penalties which may be along the lines of fines, citations or even criminal charges.

While there are good intentions behind this ammunition ban, unfortunately, it targets responsible gun owners and may result in numerous unwarranted arrests. A weapons charge for any reason is considered a serious offense in California. Those who believe they have been falsely accused of possessing banned ammunition have the right to defend themselves in court. A defense attorney may prove to be a valuable resource when fighting this type of criminal charge, by offering guidance, representation and ensuring the rights of the accused are being protected.

Source:, "Gun rights advocates blast L.A, ammunition magazine restrictions", Valerie Richardson, July 29, 2015

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