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California criminal defense: Damaging property is a crime

Authorities in San Diego are currently searching for a man they say is responsible for damaging police property. According to reports, the damage occurred at the Mira Mesa storefront on June 7. When the person allegedly responsible for this incident is found, he is likely to face criminal charges. As with any charge, this person will have the right to a criminal defense on his behalf.

Law enforcement officials recently shared surveillance footage with the public in hopes of finding the person responsible for damaging a door and two vehicles. They claim that an unknown person threw a brick through the windshields of two police cruisers and the front door of the Mira Mesa storefront. While authorities do believe the suspect is a male, the video footage does not give a clear view of the incident.

According to police the total cost of damages was over $1,000. At this time, it is unknown if they have any leads in this case. Anyone who knows anything about this event is encouraged to contact authorities.

Cases like this are, understandably, frustrating for law enforcement officials, not only in San Diego but in every community. There is a desire to bring the responsible person to justice, but there is also a need to protect the rights of anyone suspected of the crime as well. Police are likely to make headway in this case and issue an arrest regarding this matter eventually. When this happens, the accused may benefit from a strategic criminal defense -- one that keeps his best interests front and center.

Source:, "Man Who Smashed SDPD Mira Mesa Front Door, Windshields Sought", Debbie L. Sklar, Aug. 5, 2015

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