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August 2015 Archives

Those accused of DUI in California do have options

When a person is arrested and charged with driving while impaired, he or she may feel there is little that can be done to fight the accusation. While California does have very strict laws regarding DUI offenses, it does not mean that all accusations of such behavior will hold up in court. There are options and a number of defense strategies that may be utilized to fight these types of charges.

California weapons charge: Minor offenses may result in gun bans

In an effort to help control gun violence, California lawmakers are considering a bill that would place increased regulations on gun ownership for those convicted of minor offenses. A person who has been convicted on a misdemeanor weapons charge may soon be banned from owning or purchasing a gun for a decade. While some believe this is a good move, others are strongly opposed to this change in the law.

Grants provided to combat workers' compensation insurance fraud

Numerous Americans suffer from work-related injuries and/or illnesses every year, many of whom may reside in California. While most employers are required to supply workers' compensation insurance for when these situations arise, it is not uncommon for them and their insurance providers to really question whether employee claims actually have merit. While this may seem extreme, there is reason to rule out potential insurance fraud cases.

California juvenile court: Teen held for suspicion of robbery

A California teen was recently arrested and is being detained in juvenile hall for a number of alleged crimes. Due to the age of this young man, few details are known about him or his supposed involvement in the crimes for which he stands accused. It is unknown if his case has yet been heard in juvenile court.

New law will increase penalties for drug manufacturing

Drug crimes are already considered pretty serious offenses in California. Even though lawmakers passed Proposition 47 to help reduce the charges of certain drug crimes to misdemeanors, they also decided, recently, to make things more difficult for those who have been accused of one specific drug-related offense. The change made to state law has increased the potential penalties for those charged with drug manufacturing.

Arrests made following an alleged DUI-related fatal crash

Two people in California were recently arrested following a crash police believe may have been the result of impaired driving. The charges against them include suspicion of DUI. It was reported that one of these individuals was injured in the wreck, as was his young passenger. Both died as a result of their injuries.

California weapons charge: ban on high capacity magazines

A measure will soon be signed in Los Angeles to ban the use and possession of high capacity ammunition magazines. Once signed, the California residents affected by this ban will be given a set amount of time to turn in the banned ammunition to authorities. For law-abiding citizens in the Los Angeles area, this ban, understandably, feels like a violation of their rights. What will happen to a person if he or she is found to still possess these high capacity magazines? Is a criminal weapons charge likely to be filed?

California criminal defense: Damaging property is a crime

Authorities in San Diego are currently searching for a man they say is responsible for damaging police property. According to reports, the damage occurred at the Mira Mesa storefront on June 7. When the person allegedly responsible for this incident is found, he is likely to face criminal charges. As with any charge, this person will have the right to a criminal defense on his behalf.

Are parents held liable for juvenile crimes?

When it comes to criminal activity, generally, the person accused of committing the offense is the one held responsible. This is at least true for cases heard in a standard criminal court. However, juvenile crimes are different, and parents of children accused of crimes in California may be held responsible for damages resulting from their children's actions.

California man may require criminal defense following car crash

Car accidents happen every day, all around the state. While some of these incidents are often attributed to distracted or impaired driving, there are others that simple are just accidents. Unfortunately, those drivers deemed responsible for these types of collisions may still be subject to criminal charges and will, most likely, benefit from a well-panned criminal defense on their behalf.

Where are cases involving federal crimes handled?

California residents who have been accused of committing crimes that warrant federal charges may find themselves in difficult legal positions. Federal crimes are not treated the same as state crimes. This type of crime is handled in a different kind of court and has its own set of rules.

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