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Man arrested due to suspected assault with a deadly weapon

Police recently arrested a California man in relation to weapons charges. The arrest, which was on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, took place in Rohnert Park in early July. According to police, the first officer who responded was greeted by the sound of glass breaking inside the home.

The suspect was a 50-year-old resident of the area. Police were informed that he was looking around for a gun and was threatening to kill someone. The first officer on the scene called to the man, who allegedly hid within the home before fleeing from the other side of the house.

He apparently escaped in a white luxury sedan at a high rate of speed but, soon thereafter, allegedly crashed head-on into another police officer's vehicle. Both the officer and the man were taken to a local medical center. The police officer was treated and released, but the the man still remains, where he is being treated for major injuries. In addition to being suspected of assault with a deadly weapon, the man is also suspected of causing bodily injury while driving intoxicated, which is a felony.

Though the man is facing these serious charges, every accused individual in California, no matter what charges might be pending, is entitled to be treated with fairness and respect in the eyes of the law. Under California law, a car is considered a weapon if it is used in a manner to try and injure someone. Although the individual stands accused of assault with a deadly weapon as well as felony driving while intoxicated causing bodily injury, the charges alone do not constitute guilt. Prosecutors actually have to prove each element of a charge in court before any conviction is possible. An experienced criminal defense attorney can work to protect the defendant's legal  rights while fighting for a favorable result.

Source:, "Police arrest man on suspicion of assault with deadly weapon in Rohnert Park", July 3, 2015

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