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Drug crime suspected after California patrol searches residence

Formal charges were filed in California on a recent Tuesday after officers obtained a search warrant for a residence in Salinas. Highway patrol members stated that the man involved in the incident had a 10-year-old warrant out for his arrest regarding an earlier allegation of a drug crime. The investigators issued the recent search warrant at the home of the 47-year-old man.

According to reports, the investigators who entered the home for the purpose of searching for narcotics were donned in tactical gear as a preventative protective measure. A spokesman said that this is a typical procedure when searching for narcotics because investigators often encounter situations involving weapons or firearms in similar circumstances. Those conducting the investigation were also said to have searched a vehicle on the premises.

In the aftermath of the recent investigation, the 47-year-old male in question was arrested. He was reportedly booked into a county jail and was found to have stashed a vast amount of illegal drugs at his girlfriend's house. Included in the prescription drugs allegedly belonging to the man were more than 100 methadone pills, as well as hydrocodone pills.

The California resident now faces drug charges in light of the recent search conducted by the California Highway Patrol and the Monterey County Sheriff's Department. Throughout the United States, any person accused of a drug crime is presumed innocent unless proved guilty in court. In preparation of court proceedings, a person facing charges has the right to consult with a legal team in order to determine what options might be available to him or her so that he or she can work toward the most positive outcome possible in his or her case.

Source:, "Investigators search Salinas home on drug charges Tuesday morning", July 7, 2015

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