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July 2015 Archives

What exactly does minor in possession mean?

Crimes involving minors are really very delicate in nature. In California, the goal with youth offenders is to provide rehabilitation rather than punishment. This does not mean, however, that criminal accusations against minors are not taken seriously. A minor in possession (MIP) charge, for example, is something that is not likely to be easily dismissed or simply glossed over as insignificant.

California man facing charges for alleged sex crimes

A 26-year-old man in California was recently taken into custody by police after being accused of locking a female teenager in his garage. As of the latest report, this individual is currently being detained by authorities. He is facing charges for allegedly committing sex crimes against a minor.

Several in California arrested after recent DUI patrol

It is not uncommon for police to conduct patrols for the specific purpose of targeting those drivers who are allegedly impaired. A recent patrol in southern California resulted in several people being arrested. Each is now facing charges for DUI.

What are the penalties for brandishing a weapon in California

California has very strict laws regarding the use of weapons. While a resident is allowed to defend him or herself, the circumstances surrounding why a person may have been found brandishing a weapon will be carefully scrutinized by authorities. There are those who will be charged with such offenses, and these individuals may wonder what the punishments are if convictions are ultimately obtained by prosecuting attorneys.

California man arrested for alleged act of vandalism

Law enforcement officials in California say that a young man recently turned himself in for allegedly spray painting anti-vaccination remarks on several buildings around the Los Angeles County area. This individual is facing felony vandalism charges as a result. The consequences this gentleman is facing if he is convicted in a criminal court could be quite severe. As such, a strong and experienced criminal defense team may prove to be a valuable commodity for his situation.

Drug crime suspected after California patrol searches residence

Formal charges were filed in California on a recent Tuesday after officers obtained a search warrant for a residence in Salinas. Highway patrol members stated that the man involved in the incident had a 10-year-old warrant out for his arrest regarding an earlier allegation of a drug crime. The investigators issued the recent search warrant at the home of the 47-year-old man.

Man arrested due to suspected assault with a deadly weapon

Police recently arrested a California man in relation to weapons charges. The arrest, which was on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, took place in Rohnert Park in early July. According to police, the first officer who responded was greeted by the sound of glass breaking inside the home.

Vehicle theft caught on surveillance video in California

An incident occurred on a recent Sunday in California that involved two children. Both children suffered minor injuries in the events that took place. An arrest has since been made and charges that include theft have been filed against a 24-year-old man.

Property developer accused of fraud awaits sentence

A property developer who formerly lived in California is awaiting sentencing after reaching a plea agreement on charges of money laundering and wire fraud. The developer, who was once named Citizen of the Year in a city on the Central Coast, allegedly deceived property investors out of millions of dollars prior to the housing collapse in 2007. According to government estimation, the defendant's fraud was responsible for losses of $14.7 million suffered by 250 individuals.

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