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How is it against the law to send your kid to university?

Like most parents, you work diligently to provide for your children as best you can. Through helping with homework, sports participation and communicating with their teachers, you prepare your kids for a quality education, in hopes that they will succeed at whatever they choose to do.

But in many cases, you don't want your kids to go to just any school. Regardless of your financial situation, you likely understand the opportunities which can result from attending one of the top universities in the United States. But how far would you go to help get your kids acceptance letters?

California juvenile crimes: Teen arrested for alleged threats

A student at Loara High School in the Anaheim area has been arrested for allegedly making online threats of violence against the school. Juvenile crimes of this nature are never taken lightly by school officials or by law enforcement authorities in California. The teen was booked into a juvenile detention center shortly after being taken into custody.

It was recently reported that a 15-year-old male was arrested for making criminal threats to his school. This was done via an app known as OGLE, which is supposed to allow users to post things online anonymously; however, investigators claim that discovering who is behind anonymous posts is possible. After the threat was posted, authorities went to the residence of the student believed responsible. He was arrested and his home searched. No weapons were found in the teenager's home.

3 arrested on identity theft, burglary and numerous other charges

Authorities in California recently arrested three individuals on numerous criminal charges. A female and two men are accused of committing identity theft and burglary -- among other crimes. Bond has been set and court dates scheduled for at least two of these individuals.

According to local reports, police were called to a Bank of America in Coronado regarding a woman who was allegedly trying to cash a fraudulent check. Authorities arrived in time to detain the woman and two men in her company. Police performed a search of their vehicle and claim to have discovered cash and drugs. Later, a search was done of a hotel room at which the three were supposedly staying, and authorities say they found evidence of an ID and fraudulent check-making operation and a weapon.

Fighting assault and battery charges

As is true with any criminal charges, the burden of proof lies with the prosecuting attorneys. A sufficient amount of evidence must be available and certain elements must exist in a case for a conviction to be obtained. This week's article will address the elements involved in cases of alleged assault and battery and how to fight such charges in a California criminal court.

Assault is said to have occurred when one person threatens bodily harm to someone else. This threat is one that must be convincing, though. Battery, on the other hand, is the actual use of physical force to harm another person. Not all threats can be considered assault, and not all physical fights can be considered battery.

California man arrested on weapons charge -- among others

A California man was recently arrested following a traffic stop in Ventura. The officer on scene claims to have found a loaded gun and drugs in this individual's vehicle. He is now facing a weapons charge -- among several others.

On the evening of Saturday, March 19, police initiated a routine traffic stop. The driver is said to have failed to yield immediately but eventually stopped per the officer's request. Officials say that the driver then provided a false name, and a search of his vehicle allegedly produced a gun and a small quantity of marijuana.

California criminal defense: Caught buying alcohol for minors

Underage drinking is a serious issue, not only in California but across the country. Local and state authorities work hard to prevent minors from gaining access to alcohol. One way that they do this is by conducting undercover operations in an attempt to catch individuals who are willing to purchase alcohol for those who are not of age. Recently, two individuals were arrested by authorities in San Diego for supposedly buying alcohol for undercover agents posing as minors. Each of the accused may benefit from the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney to fight his or her case.

According to a recent report, the officers and decoys posed as minors at a total of five different stores around the San Diego area on Saturday, March 12. During the five-hour operation, these individuals asked numerous customers to purchase alcohol for them. This process of waiting and asking is something often referred to as shoulder tap. While most people refuse, it is still a fairly effective way for minors to get their hands on alcohol.

3 suspected of attempted robbery of a San Diego bank

Three individuals have been arrested for their alleged involvements in the attempted robbery of a San Diego area bank. Attempted robbery charges can carry stiff penalties in California. If convicted, these individuals may be looking at jail/prison time, fines and various other consequences.

The event in question is said to have occurred on March 10, at the Wells Fargo Bank in Solana Beach. A woman is accused of approaching a bank teller with a note demanding money. The female suspect reportedly left empty handed, though, after the teller stalled in handing over any cash.

Ex Uber driver in California arrested for DUI-related crash

A former Uber driver was recently arrested in California after he allegedly ran a red light and crashed into a party bus. Authorities claim that this individual was driving while impaired. The accused is facing charges for DUI and resisting arrest as a result.

According to news reports, just before midnight on March 2, an Uber driver is said to have run a red light near F Street and 6th and 7th Avenues in San Diego. As a result, his vehicle struck a party bus. The driver of the bus was injured and taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. This individual's current condition is unknown. No one else was on board at the time of the crash.

Drug possession cases may be heard in state or federal court

When it comes to drug crimes, these cases can be somewhat complex. Few people may realize that certain drug crimes are handled in state court, while others are handled in federal court. In California and elsewhere, drug possession is one offense that could be handled in either.

State and federal law both prohibit the possession of illegal materials and substances. When it comes to drug possession, the drug type and the amount in one's possession matters. This information will be used to determine how criminal charges will be filed. For example, cases known as simple possession cases -- or cases in which a person is found carrying a small quantity of a drug -- will often be taken care of at a state level; whereas, anyone found carrying a large quantity of an illegal substance may be charged at a federal level with intent to distribute.

Fight leads to arrests for vandalism and hurting an officer

Two teenagers at Lincoln High School in southern California were recently arrested for their alleged involvements in a fight during their lunch break. One of the teens was charged with vandalism, while the other has been charged with hurting a police officer. The injured officer and at least five students were taken to the hospital as a result of this event.

The students that witnessed or took part in the brawl claim that they were play fighting. The school policeman believed something more was happening and stepped in to stop the fight but was hurt in the process. The officer called for assistance and was joined by other members of law enforcement who used a taser and pepper spray to break up the fight.

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