Representing You When You Face Shoplifting Charges

An experienced attorney can do you a lot more good than you think, if you face just a "minor" petty theft charge.

Before you represent yourself, or negotiate with prosecutors and plead guilty, be aware of what you may face. Depending on the value of the item you are accused of shoplifting, you may face fines or even jail time, not to mention the humiliation of being caught and exposed.

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Experienced Legal Representation On Your Side

At the Law Offices of Scott C. Williams, we will listen to our clients, and hear your side of the story. We will explain your options and work for your best outcome. Our first goal will be to avoid charges being filed. Contact us immediately to begin your defense.

Negotiating with prosecutors can reduce the charges filed, as well as possible penalties for employee theft or other crime. The charge depends on the value of the item(s), e.g., theft of goods valued at more than $400 is grand theft. It could be an infraction, petty theft, a misdemeanor or a felony. But the charge filed also depends on your past record and prior convictions.

Prosecutors must prove that you intended to permanently keep something that did not belong to you. Was there some mistake? Did you forget to pay or confuse something of yours for something you had not yet purchased?

Depending on the circumstances, an option for your penalty might be community service.

Contact A Former Prosecutor For Help

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