Attorneys Knowledgeable Concerning Weapons Charges

Have you been arrested for the illegal possession or sale of a weapon or firearm? Whether you face an independent weapons charge or your charge has been enhanced by an additional weapons violation, you want to protect your rights and minimize the potential consequences. At the Law Offices of Scott C. Williams in San Diego, we defend the rights of the accused facing any type of weapons charge in Southern California.

With over 30 years of individual criminal law experience, as both a prosecutor and defense lawyer, attorney Scott C. Williams has handled a wide range of weapons cases. We defend weapons crimes in the state and federal courts of California for a variety of cases.

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A Lawyer Who Respects The Second Amendment

Responsible firearm ownership for hunting, sport, collecting and self-defense is one of our most important rights, not just as Californians but as Americans. Many weapons charges stem from overzealous prosecutors accusing you of acts that are protected by the Constitution.

We understand the unique challenges facing people who are dealing with weapons charges. We can protect your rights in cases like:

  • Possession of stolen weapons
  • Illegal sale of guns
  • Carrying a concealed weapon without a permit
  • Possession by a felon
  • Negligent discharge or brandishing of a weapon
  • Using a weapon to make terrorist threats

At the Law Offices of Scott C. Williams, our goal is to get the best possible results for our clients. One of the most accomplished criminal defense trial attorneys, Scott Williams has secured numerous dismissals and not guilty verdicts for all types of weapons charges. When a felony conviction could mean losing your right to ever own another gun and spending time in jail, you need the serious, aggressive representation we can provide.

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