Domestic Violence

Accusations of family violence can tear a family apart, and a domestic violence conviction will change your life forever. If you want to protect your rights and do what is best for your family after your domestic violence charge, you want an attorney who will fight for you in court. At the San Diego-based Law Offices of Scott C. Williams, we defend those accused of domestic violence throughout Southern California.

With over 30 years of individual experience as a criminal trial lawyer, Scott C. Williams has handled domestic violence cases involving a wide range of couples, including spouses, domestic partners, boyfriends, and girlfriends. Our firm has protected the rights of both men and women accused of domestic violence.

If you face family violence charges in Southern California, we understand that you have questions. From our offices in San Diego, we are ready to answer your domestic violence questions and help you explore your options. Call us at 619-573-4952 or toll-free at 866-675-3219.

Early Intervention Is Key To Protecting Your Rights

The sooner you take action, the more we can do to protect your rights. If you contact us before charges are filed, we can often secure exonerating information from the accusing partner or other witnesses which can result in charges not being filed. It is much harder to have a case dismissed after charges have been filed although the Law Offices of Scott C. Williams has done that as well.

Our firm has also handled domestic violence cases connected to both domestic assault and vandalism. These cases can even include charges of terroristic threats, for threatening to kill your partner or spouse. We have achieved not guilty decisions in these types of cases for our clients.

The cost is too high to risk your future by obtaining an inexperienced attorney who does not understand the criminal defense system or the personal and professional ramifications of a domestic charge. We will fight for your good name from the moment we first consult with you until final resolution of your case.

Contact Us Today To Get Help

The sooner you take action, the sooner we can help you build your defense and fight to have your charges dropped. We answer your calls in-person 24 hours a day, seven days a week and do in-jail visits. We are ready to help you today. Contact us today for a free initial consultation and find out more by calling 619-573-4952 or 866-675-3219.