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California man arrested on assault with a deadly weapon charge

On the afternoon of Sunday, Feb. 7, police arrested a man that they say broke into a family home and held the occupants at knife point and then holed himself up in one of the bedrooms. He is facing a charge of suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. Violent crimes are not taken lightly in California. As such, this individual will likely rely upon the services offered by an experienced defense attorney in order to help fight his case in court.

Charged with knife concealment, what are the potential penalties?

There are various weapons crimes written in California law books. Those charged with the concealment of weapons can face a number of penalties, depending on the facts of their cases. This is true regardless of the type of weapon one is accused of carrying.

Facing a weapons charge? Legal help is available

Weapons crimes are not taken lightly in California. In fact, the potential penalties that can accompany a weapons charge can be quite severe -- often including fines and jail or prison time. Such charges can have a profound impact on one's personal and professional life. As such, one who stands accused of a weapon-related crime may want to seek assistance from an experienced criminal defense attorney in order to help fight the case.

California weapons charge: Authorities investigating stabbings

Police in southern California are currently investigating two separate stabbing incidents. As it currently stands, one person who was allegedly involved in one of the stabbings has been arrested and is likely facing various charges, possibly including a weapons charge. Authorities have not arrested the individual believed responsible for the other incident.

California weapons charge: Minor offenses may result in gun bans

In an effort to help control gun violence, California lawmakers are considering a bill that would place increased regulations on gun ownership for those convicted of minor offenses. A person who has been convicted on a misdemeanor weapons charge may soon be banned from owning or purchasing a gun for a decade. While some believe this is a good move, others are strongly opposed to this change in the law.

California weapons charge: ban on high capacity magazines

A measure will soon be signed in Los Angeles to ban the use and possession of high capacity ammunition magazines. Once signed, the California residents affected by this ban will be given a set amount of time to turn in the banned ammunition to authorities. For law-abiding citizens in the Los Angeles area, this ban, understandably, feels like a violation of their rights. What will happen to a person if he or she is found to still possess these high capacity magazines? Is a criminal weapons charge likely to be filed?

What are the penalties for brandishing a weapon in California

California has very strict laws regarding the use of weapons. While a resident is allowed to defend him or herself, the circumstances surrounding why a person may have been found brandishing a weapon will be carefully scrutinized by authorities. There are those who will be charged with such offenses, and these individuals may wonder what the punishments are if convictions are ultimately obtained by prosecuting attorneys.

Man arrested due to suspected assault with a deadly weapon

Police recently arrested a California man in relation to weapons charges. The arrest, which was on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, took place in Rohnert Park in early July. According to police, the first officer who responded was greeted by the sound of glass breaking inside the home.

California man facing a weapons charge -- among others

A California man has been arrested and charged with acts of violence against police officers. The accusations against this individual are quite serious. However, while it was originally believed that this individual shot an officer, it has since been reported that the policeman was hit by a bullet from his partner's gun. The accused is still facing a weapons charge -- among others -- for the incident in question.

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