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3 arrested on identity theft, burglary and numerous other charges

Authorities in California recently arrested three individuals on numerous criminal charges. A female and two men are accused of committing identity theft and burglary -- among other crimes. Bond has been set and court dates scheduled for at least two of these individuals.

3 suspected of attempted robbery of a San Diego bank

Three individuals have been arrested for their alleged involvements in the attempted robbery of a San Diego area bank. Attempted robbery charges can carry stiff penalties in California. If convicted, these individuals may be looking at jail/prison time, fines and various other consequences.

Things to know about theft

The word theft typically means to take another person's property without permission. It seems pretty simple and straightforward. However, in legal terms, theft actually encompasses various categories and degrees of crime. Those in California who have been accused of theft could face a number of serious consequences, depending on the specifications of their alleged crimes.

What is insurance fraud and what are the penalties?

Insurance can be a confusing thing to navigate. Unfortunately, there are those in California and elsewhere who have been accused of exaggerating claims or making false claims in order to get certain services covered. This is known as insurance fraud, which can garner significant penalties if one is convicted of such actions.

2 individuals wanted in burglary and identity theft case

Authorities in San Diego are looking for two individuals who are wanted for a number of criminal activities. According to a recent report, a male and a female are accused of commercial burglary and identity theft. If they are eventually arrested for these alleged crimes, they may face serious penalties -- if convicted.

California woman suspected of auto theft

A California woman was recently arrested and booked into a local detention facility for her suspected role in stealing a car. She is facing numerous charges, including auto theft and resisting arrest. At this time, it is unknown if she is still being held by authorities or if she has been released on bond.

California man facing charges for burglary, hate crime and arson

Due to recent events, it is understandable that California residents are on edge and fear their safety. As a result, numerous hate crimes have been reported to authorities. Recently a young man whom police believe was responsible for starting a fire at a Mosque was arrested. This incident is said to have taken place Dec. 11 in Coachella. The accused is suspected of committing burglary, arson and a hate crime.

2 men enter not guilty plea in robbery case

Police in California recently arrested two young men whom they believe are responsible for a robbery that took place in the San Diego area near the beginning of November. The men have both charged with robbery and identity theft for the incident. Both individuals have decided to plea not guilty.

Police in California arrest 2 on burglary charges

Police in southern California have arrested two men they believe are responsible for burglaries in several cities. With the assistance of U.S. Marshals, these two individuals were taken into custody on Nov. 5. Both are likely facing burglary and other charges.

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