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California juvenile crimes: Teen arrested for alleged threats

A student at Loara High School in the Anaheim area has been arrested for allegedly making online threats of violence against the school. Juvenile crimes of this nature are never taken lightly by school officials or by law enforcement authorities in California. The teen was booked into a juvenile detention center shortly after being taken into custody.

Fight leads to arrests for vandalism and hurting an officer

Two teenagers at Lincoln High School in southern California were recently arrested for their alleged involvements in a fight during their lunch break. One of the teens was charged with vandalism, while the other has been charged with hurting a police officer. The injured officer and at least five students were taken to the hospital as a result of this event.

Teen headed to juvenile court for alleged involvement in fire

A southern California teenager was recently arrested for his alleged involvement in a fire at an airport. He was transported to a juvenile detention center shortly after his arrest. It is unknown if a date has been set for his case to be heard in juvenile court.

What kinds of hearings take place in juvenile court?

When a minor is accused of some sort of delinquency in California, he or she may be sent to juvenile court. Of course, the nature of an incident will largely determine if a case is heard in the juvenile system or the adult criminal system. Cases that are handled in juvenile court do go through many of the same motions as criminal court, but the end results will focus on rehabilitation rather than punishment.

California juvenile crimes: Student may face criminal charges

A high school student in California may face criminal charges for an online posting. His remarks, which are being viewed as a hate crime, were supposedly posted on a school computer, prompting a student walkout. This is a matter that is being taken seriously by investigators, but as with all juvenile crimes, this is something that law enforcement authorities will need to decide whether charges will be officially filed.

Calfiornia graffiti: What is it and what are the penalties?

Vandalism, particularly graffiti, is a fairly serious concern in California. While those responsible for tagging property may feel it is a form of artistic expression, or just something fun to do, the damage to property can be expensive to repair. As such, there are strict laws regarding graffiti in hopes of deterring such behavior.

California juvenile court: Teenager charged for fatal accident

A California teenager was booked into the juvenile detention center in Orange County over the first weekend in October. According to police, this individual is believed responsible for causing a crash that killed a total of five people. Even though the accused is underage and his case is likely to be heard in juvenile court, the charges against him are quite severe. If convicted, the potential consequences can have a significant impact on his future.

California juvenile crimes: Teenager charged with assault

A teenager was recently booked into juvenile hall in northern California. She is accused of harming a fellow student on school grounds. Juvenile crimes of this nature are not taken lightly, either in court or by the school district. As such, this young woman may benefit from the assistance of a criminal defense attorney in order to ensure her rights are protected throughout the course of her legal proceedings.

California juvenile court: Teen held for suspicion of robbery

A California teen was recently arrested and is being detained in juvenile hall for a number of alleged crimes. Due to the age of this young man, few details are known about him or his supposed involvement in the crimes for which he stands accused. It is unknown if his case has yet been heard in juvenile court.

California man may require criminal defense following car crash

Car accidents happen every day, all around the state. While some of these incidents are often attributed to distracted or impaired driving, there are others that simple are just accidents. Unfortunately, those drivers deemed responsible for these types of collisions may still be subject to criminal charges and will, most likely, benefit from a well-panned criminal defense on their behalf.

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