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Drug possession cases may be heard in state or federal court

When it comes to drug crimes, these cases can be somewhat complex. Few people may realize that certain drug crimes are handled in state court, while others are handled in federal court. In California and elsewhere, drug possession is one offense that could be handled in either.

Drug possession arrests made at recent DUI checkpoint

DUI checkpoints are regularly scheduled in southern California and throughout the state. While the purpose of these checkpoints is good, there are numerous individuals who may feel that they are being unfairly picked out of the crowd. Recently, two people were arrested for drug possession after going through one of these checkpoints. Numerous others were given citations.

Suspected members of drug crime and gambling ring arrested

According to authorities, 19 individuals in several cities in California and across the country were recently arrested for their alleged involvements in a drug and gambling ring. The drug crime charges in this case include trafficking and possession, and other charges filed include illegal gambling and various other violent crimes. These cases are to be handled at a federal level, meaning the potential penalties if convictions are achieved can be extremely severe.

Which kinds of drug crime cases are sent to drug court?

When a person is accused of committing a drug-related crime in California, the severity of the crime will determine if his or her case is heard in criminal court or drug court. Drug court only hears specific cases. So, which kinds of drug crime cases are sent to this alternative court?

California drug crime: Detective facing multiple charges

A California detective for the Bakersfield Police Department is facing a number of serious criminal charges. He is accused of taking part in various illegal activities, including a drug crime. He is facing federal charges and could face up to life in prison if convicted.

California drug crime: More than a dozen people arrested

Several individuals have recently been detained by authorities following a massive drug sweep in California. The 20-month drug crime investigation focused primarily on gang-related incidents. Numerous agencies, 13 in all, reportedly took part in this operation. It was said that about 100 officers from federal, state and local agencies pulled together to collect those allegedly involved in the suspected drug crimes.

California drug crime: Oxycontin usage a problem with juveniles

California, like many other states, struggles with a serious drug problem. As such, a person accused of any sort of drug crime may face a number of potential penalties. This is true regardless of whether the substance allegedly being used or distributed is considered legal or illegal.

New law will increase penalties for drug manufacturing

Drug crimes are already considered pretty serious offenses in California. Even though lawmakers passed Proposition 47 to help reduce the charges of certain drug crimes to misdemeanors, they also decided, recently, to make things more difficult for those who have been accused of one specific drug-related offense. The change made to state law has increased the potential penalties for those charged with drug manufacturing.

Drug crime suspected after California patrol searches residence

Formal charges were filed in California on a recent Tuesday after officers obtained a search warrant for a residence in Salinas. Highway patrol members stated that the man involved in the incident had a 10-year-old warrant out for his arrest regarding an earlier allegation of a drug crime. The investigators issued the recent search warrant at the home of the 47-year-old man.

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