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California man arrested for DUI following fatal crash

A multi-vehicle crash in California resulted in the death of one individual and injuries to three others. The California Highway Patrol did make an arrest following the incident. The man allegedly responsible is now facing felony DUI charges.

Just a few days into the month of June, an early morning crash on I-5 not only resulted in injuries to several individuals, but claimed a life as well. According to authorities, a man supposedly struck a pole near an on-ramp, then ran from his vehicle onto the freeway. In an attempt to avoid hitting this individual, the driver of a truck swerved, ultimately causing several cars to collide. One person died at the scene and two others were transported for medical care.

Little information has been provided about the accused. It is known that he has been charged with a felony DUI. If any court dates have been scheduled regarding this matter, those dates have not been reported to the public.

A felony DUI charge is no laughing matter. In California, a conviction on this charge could result in a hefty fine and/or imprisonment -- both of which can have a drastic impact on one's future. The accused in this case would, more than likely, benefit from the assistance and guidance offered by a criminal defense team working on his behalf. With help, it is possible to make the best possible legal decisions regarding his specific circumstances. Whether fighting accusations or beginning plea negotiations with the prosecution, there are a number of outcomes that may be reached that will keep the best interests of the accused in focus.

Source:, "CHP: 1 arrested, accused of DUI in deadly crash on I-5", Sarah Heise, June 5, 2015

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