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California criminal defense: accused of crimes against children

Those who are accused of committing crimes in California, regardless of the alleged offenses, can face consequences that are life-altering. This is particularly true for those accused of committing crimes against children. These cases must be approached with a certain delicacy and balance. An experienced criminal defense attorney can provide the right level of sensitivity, all while ensuring the rights of the accused are preserved.

Anyone, under a variety of circumstances, can be accused of child abuse. This includes parents, family members, day care workers, teachers and neighbors -- among numerous others. Accusations of such abuse may come due to a myriad of reasons. Regardless of why a child abuse charge is filed, if a person is convicted the consequences can tear families apart, destroy careers and damage relationships.

Parents accused of child abuse have the most to lose. A parent convicted of child abuse runs the risk of having the child and any other children removed from the home. Parental rights can be taken away in a flash over a misunderstanding. More information about crimes against children and defense options can be found on our website.

Child abuse is never okay. However, there are numerous circumstances in which alleged abuses are based on misunderstandings, or are simply the result of others' views of proper parenting style. California residents who have been accused of any form of child abuse are entitled to a criminal defense. An attorney with experience in this particular area can provide guidance and legal representation with the sole purpose of working to resolve the situation in a way that best suits the client.

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