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California criminal defense: 2 men wanted for mugging

Police in southern California are looking for two men, one of whom allegedly mugged an elderly woman. The other supposedly joined the first in using the woman's credit cards. This incident reportedly occurred near the end of May in the San Diego area. When authorities find the individuals believed responsible for this incident, these men are likely to face a number of charges. As such, a strategic criminal defense is likely to help with each case.

On May 20, police responded to a call about an alleged mugging. A woman claims that, while walking home, she was pushed to the ground and her purse was stolen by an unidentified male. Surveillance cameras at a local Walmart supposedly captured an image of two gentlemen who, police believe, used the 70-year-old's credit cards.

Law enforcement officers are still working to solve this case. It may only be a matter of time before someone is arrested for this incident. When that occurs, those accused are looking at several criminal charges.

Those who may end up being accused of this crime, and others who may find themselves in similar situations, do have the right to defend themselves in court. A California criminal defense attorney can help with this type of matter by fully investigating the case and by reviewing, analyzing and questioning any evidence brought forward -- all of which may bring new information to light that may benefit the client. Fighting criminal accusations is never easy, as victims just want to see justice served; however, the rights of the accused cannot be overlooked just so that someone is held responsible. Assistance is available to ensure all proceedings are fair and that personal freedoms are safeguarded.

Source:, "Police Searching for Men Who Mugged Elderly Rolando Woman", Alexander Nguyen, June 12, 2015

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