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June 2015 Archives

California man facing a weapons charge -- among others

A California man has been arrested and charged with acts of violence against police officers. The accusations against this individual are quite serious. However, while it was originally believed that this individual shot an officer, it has since been reported that the policeman was hit by a bullet from his partner's gun. The accused is still facing a weapons charge -- among others -- for the incident in question.

Welfare fraud in California is not taken lightly by authorities

Numerous California residents are in need of government assistance. In fact, the same can be said for people all across the country. There is nothing wrong with seeking help when it is needed. What is truly unfortunate, though, is that some of the individuals who utilize government assistance programs are accused of taking advantage of the system, and often end up facing charges for welfare fraud.

California criminal defense: 2 men wanted for mugging

Police in southern California are looking for two men, one of whom allegedly mugged an elderly woman. The other supposedly joined the first in using the woman's credit cards. This incident reportedly occurred near the end of May in the San Diego area. When authorities find the individuals believed responsible for this incident, these men are likely to face a number of charges. As such, a strategic criminal defense is likely to help with each case.

5 people accused of massive toy theft in California

Four people are behind bars and police are still looking for another individual, all of whom are accused of stealing toys in California. For the last several months, police have been investigating what they are calling a massive toy theft ring. With the total cost of taken items adding up to approximately $15,000, each of these individuals is likely to face serious penalties if they happen to be convicted.

California gang cases: How is a gang defined?

It is not uncommon for many of California's youth to be arrested for gang-related activities. Gang cases are not taken lightly, regardless of the alleged offender's age. While there are numerous young individuals in gangs, not all are. It is possible to fight such allegations.

Criminal defense: refusing to ID oneself not necessarily a crime

Across the country, reports of police officers allegedly overstepping their levels of authority can be found just about everywhere. People residing in California and elsewhere, are questioning what their rights are when approached by law enforcement officers. Recently, the release of a video, showing a pregnant woman being tackled to the ground for failing to immediately identify herself, has many wondering what the state laws are regarding responding to officers' requests for identification. It also begs the question: what kinds of criminal defense strategies can help if a person is arrested and charged for this reason?

California criminal defense: accused of crimes against children

Those who are accused of committing crimes in California, regardless of the alleged offenses, can face consequences that are life-altering. This is particularly true for those accused of committing crimes against children. These cases must be approached with a certain delicacy and balance. An experienced criminal defense attorney can provide the right level of sensitivity, all while ensuring the rights of the accused are preserved.

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