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Juvenile arrested for alleged car theft and other offenses

A young man was recently arrested by police in California for a number of alleged offenses. One of those charges was for car theft. As this individual is 17 years of age, his case could be handled in juvenile court; however, adult criminal court charges could also be a possibility. Regardless of where his case is heard, this individual, and/or his legal guardian, have the right to utilize legal representation to provide, what is most likely, much needed support.

The teenager was recently arrested after he allegedly stole a car. According California police, the accused supposedly held one car's occupants at gun point and demanded their vehicle, but for reasons unknown, he did not take the vehicle. Instead, witnesses say the young man fled on foot and took another automobile several blocks away. Law enforcement officers assert that the teen attempted to evade police, almost running over one police officer and striking several parked cars in the process. Within a few hours, the young man was arrested and booked on numerous charges.

This individual is accused of trying to harm a police officer, possession of stolen property and fleeing from law enforcement, among other offenses. As of the latest report, this juvenile was detained in a county jail. It is unknown if he has been released to his parents or other legal guardian.

The teenager accused of car theft and the many other offenses alleged in this particular case may be penalized as a juvenile offender or as an adult, depending on the circumstances of his arrest. In either case, any criminal court hearings will most certainly have a drastic effect on his future. In order to protect the best interests of the accused, a criminal defense attorney can utilize a number of defense strategies to help resolve his case in a way that achieves the best possible outcome. This may involve fighting to have the case heard in juvenile court, fighting charges in criminal court, or -- if convicted -- seeking alternative sentencing in order to minimize the effects on his future.

Source: Watsonville, CA Patch, "Watsonville Suspect Plays Bumper Cars With Stolen Vehicle", Bea Karnes, May 20, 2015

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