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California man arrested for online threats and a weapons charge

Posting thoughts on the Internet is a daily activity for numerous California residents. Unfortunately, these thoughts are then there for the world to see, scrutinize and, often, misinterpret. Any online postings that could be considered threatening -- in any way -- are likely to be investigated by authorities. Recently, a young man was arrested due to a message he allegedly posted online. He was also accused of an unrelated weapons charge.

A 29-year-old male was taken into custody near the end of April following an online post that was interpreted as a threat. The content of the message was not reported, though it has been said that the message alluded to a potential shooting spree on one of the University of California campuses. Students were sent text alerts, though campus police did not believe the alleged threat was credible.

The individual believed responsible for the post reportedly turned himself in and is cooperating with police. He is being held by authorities pending the results of an investigation and on the weapons charge -- not related to this case. Law enforcement officials have not indicated if any further charges are pending. It is also unknown if a court hearing has been scheduled for either matter.

Both an online threat and a weapons charge are not going to be taken lightly by a California criminal court. This individual, and others who may find themselves in similar situations, may retain legal counsel to discuss all available options and pursue a course of action that best fits the circumstances. No one should have their future put in jeopardy due to the possible misinterpretation of an online post. Help is available to fight any accusations of such activity.

Source: CBS Los Angeles, "Man Arrested For Allegedly Posting Threatening Hoax Online At UC Riverside", April 27, 2015

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