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California drug crime: cultivation and/or manufacturing penalties

California, like all other states, has strict laws regarding illegal drugs. An individual who has been accused and convicted of a drug crime will face a number of potential penalties. While there have been changes to the legal consequences of some drug crimes -- making them less severe, -- there are others that can still garner significant penalties, such as lengthy prison sentences and hefty fines. Accusations of drug cultivation and/or manufacturing typically fall into the severe penalty category.

When talking about drug cultivation, the growing of marijuana generally comes to mind. Aside from those who are given permission to grow this specific drug for approved medical purposes, all others are, according to California laws, committing crimes. The cultivation of marijuana, whether for individual use or distribution, is typically considered a felony offense. Those convicted of cultivating illegal substances may face prison time; however, if there is no intent to sell the crop, charges and any associated penalties may be reduced.

Drug manufacturing refers to the making of illegal substances. The production of cocaine, opium and hallucinogenic drugs -- among numerous others -- all fall under this offense. Whether found with manufacturing equipment or with processing chemicals, those who are believed to be involved in this type of activity are likely to face felony charges. The punishments associated with a conviction on drug manufacturing charges include three to seven years imprisonment and a fine.

There is no drug crime that will be taken lightly in the California criminal court system. However, that does not mean that a person who has been accused of such a crime is in a hopeless position. There are a variety of defense options that may benefit a person who has been accused of cultivation, manufacturing or any other offense involving an illegal drug. With the help of counsel, a defendant can make an informed decision regarding the best legal avenue to pursue for his or her specific situation.

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