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May 2015 Archives

Juvenile arrested for alleged car theft and other offenses

A young man was recently arrested by police in California for a number of alleged offenses. One of those charges was for car theft. As this individual is 17 years of age, his case could be handled in juvenile court; however, adult criminal court charges could also be a possibility. Regardless of where his case is heard, this individual, and/or his legal guardian, have the right to utilize legal representation to provide, what is most likely, much needed support.

How is identity theft treated in California?

Identity theft occurs far more often than most might think. Those affected by this type of activity can be impacted significantly, both emotionally and financially. This is a crime that is not taken lightly in California, and anyone who has been accused of committing identity theft may face a variety of serious penalties if convicted.

California woman facing theft and child endangerment charges

A young woman is behind bars and her toddler with Child and Family services in California after the child allegedly pointed a loaded gun at police officers. This individual has been charged with suspected child endangerment and theft. It is unknown if any other charges will be filed in this case.

California drug crime: cultivation and/or manufacturing penalties

California, like all other states, has strict laws regarding illegal drugs. An individual who has been accused and convicted of a drug crime will face a number of potential penalties. While there have been changes to the legal consequences of some drug crimes -- making them less severe, -- there are others that can still garner significant penalties, such as lengthy prison sentences and hefty fines. Accusations of drug cultivation and/or manufacturing typically fall into the severe penalty category.

California man arrested for online threats and a weapons charge

Posting thoughts on the Internet is a daily activity for numerous California residents. Unfortunately, these thoughts are then there for the world to see, scrutinize and, often, misinterpret. Any online postings that could be considered threatening -- in any way -- are likely to be investigated by authorities. Recently, a young man was arrested due to a message he allegedly posted online. He was also accused of an unrelated weapons charge.

California drug crime: 2 booked for possession and trafficking

Illegal drug activity is both a state and federal concern. To help reduce the presence of these drugs in California, law enforcement officials are doing all they can to apprehend those believed responsible for making them readily available to the public. As this issue is one that is not taken lightly, an individual who is accused of any involvement in a drug crime could face some serious penalties.

Is instant DUI drug testing coming to California?

Most people are familiar with the Breathalyzer device used by law enforcement officers to perform roadside drunk driver testing. A new breath test may soon be used to expand the types of DUI testing police are able to perform on roadsides. If a bill that is currently being considered by state lawmakers passes, new drug-detecting breath-testing devices may be put to use throughout California.

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