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California man arrested for possession and drug sales

An undercover operation -- performed by a police agency and the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control -- to catch individuals buying alcohol for minors, resulted in a man being arrested on drug-related charges. The California man has been charged with possession and drug sales. Nevertheless, this individual has every right to a focused criminal defense against the crimes for which he stands accused.

It was recently reported that a young man was arrested after a 20-year-old male approached him, asking him to buy alcohol for the stranger. The accused supposedly refused to buy the alcohol, because he was underage. However, officers claim he offered to sell this individual gold cap mushrooms instead. Shortly after the alleged conversation, police officers made the arrest.

Law enforcement officers searched the accused's vehicle and claim to have found drugs, drug paraphernalia and money. As of the last news report, this individual was detained in a county jail. His bail was set at $200,000. The arrest of this young man is just one of many police have reportedly made while running this alcohol control campaign.

California residents who have been arrested on possession, drug sales and other drug-related charges will likely have a difficult legal battle in front of them. It will be important for the accused, along with his or her criminal defense team, to question all aspects of the investigation and any evidence prosecutors intend to present at trial. While new laws in California have lessened the consequences of some drug crimes, the penalties of a conviction on such crimes can still have far-reaching consequences. Legal assistance is available to help those accused achieve an outcome that serves their best interests.

Source:, "Placer County Sheriff's Office busts drug dealer in Roseville", Andrew Westrope, April 1, 2015

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