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Accused of workers' compensation fraud? Help is available

Work-related accidents and illnesses occur just about every day in California and across the nation. Most employers are required, by law, to provide workers' compensation benefits for when these instances occur. This not only protects the company, but also allows employees to receive any care needed. This benefit, of course, is not something that will be given lightly, however. Workers' compensation providers are constantly reviewing cases for fraud.

Any workers' compensation claims that raise questions are likely to be reviewed. If fraud is suspected, the criminal consequences that may follow can be quite severe. Those accused of this type of fraud are subject to fines and imprisonment -- if convicted.

There are several forms of workers' compensation fraud. These include, but are not limited too, claiming an injury that isn't work-related, not being upfront about symptoms and working an alternative job while receiving disability compensation. Unfortunately, it is very easy for insurance providers to claim any of these have taken place. More information about this type of fraud and available legal options can be viewed on our San Diego Workers' Compensation Fraud Attorney webpage.

Fraud, in all of its forms, is taken seriously by law enforcement officials in California. As the consequences are quite severe and can have a significant impact on one's future, seeking legal representation who has experience with this particular issue may prove helpful. Through reviewing and questioning the facts of the case, offering information regarding all available legal options and providing a strong defense, legal counsel can assist you in achieving an outcome that serves your current and future interests.

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