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April 2015 Archives

Misdemeanor charge typical for petty theft and other minor crimes

Understanding what constitutes a misdemeanor charge versus a felony charge may be a little confusing for some California residents. While the process of an arrest and criminal trial may be somewhat similar for both kinds of charges, the potential penalties are vastly different. The information shared below will focus on what types of crimes -- such as petty theft or vandalism -- may garner a misdemeanor charge, how this sort of alleged crime is commonly processed and the potential penalties is a conviction is secured.

Criminal defense includes questioning any violation of rights

California police officers make numerous arrests every day of the year. While their job is to protect and serve the public, part of that job is also to consider and protect the rights of those whom they arrest. Those who have been arrested and accused of crimes have the ability to question whether their rights have been violated. If suspected, a strategic criminal defense may include examining the treatment of the accused by law enforcement officials.

California criminal defense: Faulty crime lab results

In California and across the country, crime labs are kept busy by an ever increasing amount of specimens needing analysis. The reports provided by lab technicians are often used by prosecuting attorneys in an attempt to achieve a criminal conviction. However, lately there has been much speculation about the professionalism of lab staff and the accuracy of test results. For those accused of crimes where lab results are submitted as evidence, a strategic criminal defense would certainly include questioning any test results provided by one of these facilities.

California criminal defense: arsonist arrested

More than a dozen suspicious fires in Southern California prompted police to be on the lookout for those believed responsible. Law enforcement officials recently reported that they arrested a young man who they claim may have been responsible for at least three of the 12. The charges against this individual can carry significant consequences if a conviction is secured by prosecutors. A strategic criminal defense may be beneficial to this young man's case.

Accused of workers' compensation fraud? Help is available

Work-related accidents and illnesses occur just about every day in California and across the nation. Most employers are required, by law, to provide workers' compensation benefits for when these instances occur. This not only protects the company, but also allows employees to receive any care needed. This benefit, of course, is not something that will be given lightly, however. Workers' compensation providers are constantly reviewing cases for fraud.

California man arrested for possession and drug sales

An undercover operation -- performed by a police agency and the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control -- to catch individuals buying alcohol for minors, resulted in a man being arrested on drug-related charges. The California man has been charged with possession and drug sales. Nevertheless, this individual has every right to a focused criminal defense against the crimes for which he stands accused.

California woman arrested on a felony DUI charge

A young woman is facing criminal charges following a car accident in California. The accident, which occurred at the end of March, is responsible for injuring two children -- ages 11 and 6. As police suspect the driver was drunk at the time of the crash, a felony DUI charge has been filed against this individual.

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