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Man pleads guilty to federal crimes related to nude photos

Some in California may be familiar with the term "revenge porn." The phrase is used to place a name on the distasteful practice of posting nude photos of a former partner online, often out of malice or spite. A number of websites have arisen where users can post and access these photos, and the issue has gained the attention of lawmakers across the nation. In one of the most high-profile cases to reach the courts, the operator of one such site will plead guilty to two federal crimes.

The 28-year-old man has agreed to plead guilty to federal charges of identity theft and computer hacking. He now faces between two to seven years in prison in sentencing. He is accused of hiring a hacker to gain illegal access to personal email accounts in an attempt to gather additional nude photos. That individual also faces federal charges in the matter.

This is not the only revenge porn case making its way through the legal system. Similar charges have been filed against the operators of other sites that disseminate nude photos without the consent of the person being photographed. Multiple states are considering the creation of laws that directly target this type of activity.

The full details behind this case are not publicly known. However, when an individual is facing accusations of federal crimes in California or elsewhere, a number of factors play into how his or her legal team will respond. In cases in which a large volume of evidence is held by the prosecution, it is sometimes advantageous to negotiate a plea deal as opposed to taking the matter to trial. Each situation is unique, and devising a strategy to move ahead requires a comprehensive review of all facets of the case.

Source:, "Revenge porn operator agrees to plea to criminal charges in Los Angeles", Alex Dobuzinskis, Feb. 19, 2015

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