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Former police officer convicted of theft maintains innocence

Law enforcement officials in California often conduct raids and arrest individuals who are in possession of cash and other valuable property. Occasionally, these officers are accused of the theft of property seized in raids and during arrests. Some of those accusations turn out to be true, but one officer who was accused and convicted of stealing property and cash from criminal suspects maintains his innocence.

Reportedly, he and two other former officers were involved in the thefts. All three were terminated after being convicted. Recently, the officer who maintains he is innocent of the charges was sentenced to spend over three years in a federal prison and was fined approximately $25,000. He and his criminal defense counsel intend to appeal his conviction.

One of the former officers testified against the other two after entering a guilty plea on charges similar to the four felony counts on which the officer was convicted. The third officer's sentencing is currently scheduled for March 18. Which penalties, if any, the officer who testified received were not reported.

As part of his criminal defense, the 48-year-old former officer did not testify on his own behalf. At his sentencing, he expressed regret at not doing so. Depending on the outcome of any appeal he files, he may get the chance to take the stand and tell his story.

This man's conviction and sentencing on theft charges are not necessarily the end of his criminal case. Individuals may be able to appeal a conviction and/or sentence to a California appeals court if legal grounds exist. A successful appeal could result in a different outcome, including a possible acquittal.

Source:, "Former California officer ordered to prison in theft case", Feb. 23, 2015

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