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Criminal defense for felony charges, difficult but not hopeless

California residents who have been charged with felony offenses will likely have long and difficult legal roads ahead of them. Felony charges are handed down for serious offenses, and the penalties associated with convictions for such offenses are life-changing for the convicted and his or her family members. Thankfully, those accused of felony level crimes are entitled to a criminal defense and may have several legal options from which they can choose.

There are several criminal offenses that could result in a felony charge. These include DUI resulting in death, murder, drug possession with intent to sell, robbery and rape -- just to name a few. Common penalties seen after a conviction for a felony charge include probation, jail and/or prison time and stiff fines.

After a person has been arrested, there are certain steps he or she can expect to take place as his or her case progresses. It is possible that a further investigation into the incident will result in no charges being filed and the accused being released. If that does not happen, the accused will either be released, usually on bail, or held in custody until his or her arraignment hearing. After the arraignment, generally both a preliminary hearing and a discovery conference are held before a trial can take place.

A lot goes into each stage of criminal processing, and each stage can be difficult and confusing for those who are unfamiliar with criminal proceedings. California residents who are accused of felony offenses do have the right to employ criminal defense attorneys to represent them. Though the thought of fighting criminal charges often seems bleak and impossible, several legal options may be available that can help those accused ensure that their rights are protected.

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